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Our Olimed lip balm offers intense protection to dry and chapped lips due to the action of cold, sun or extreme environmental conditions.

Facial moisturizers

Cleaning your face daily will not be enough if you do not give it adequate hydration, with the use of special facial moisturizers for that purpose. In this way, you maintain adequate elasticity and a more flexible skin. One of the most important steps in a skincare routine is hydration. A moisturizer provides enough moisture on the skin. This keeps the barrier function optimal and loses less moisture during the day. A moisturizer does this by applying substances to the skin that retain moisture. In this way, the skin remains soft and radiant throughout the day. You can easily hydrate your skin using a nourishing cream or gel. That is why at Gina Cosmetics we have a variety of products that wonderfully care for and deeply nourish your skin. In our specific selection, complete gels and creams. 

Creams are the best known product of any beauty care

You will try many different creams, but surely when you find one that you trust with its results it will be part of you forever. It could be one of those you find in this section

How can I know if the skin on my face is dehydrated?

Symptoms of dehydrated skin

Knowing the symptoms of dehydrated skin is important but first you must recognize your skin type. The wrong way is to think that dry skin is dehydrated skin and that oily skin does not suffer from dehydration; however, dry skin such as combination and oily skin are sensitive to dehydrated skin symptoms. Having dry skin does not imply the existence of dehydration in the epidermis.

- Lack of shine

- Excess tightness

- Loss of turgor (Elasticity)

- Peeling skin

To maintain the vitality and health of your face it is important to know how to take care of the skin of the face avoiding dehydration to occur. Drinking plenty of water, a correct diet and resorting to moisturizing cosmetics is the best way to keep dehydrated skin at a distance. We have the best moisturizing treatments for various skin types. Ideal to give your skin the moisture and protection that you need so much, offering you incredible results that will meet your expectations.

Buy cosmetics for facial hydration

All our cosmetics for sale here are created with ingredients that have moisturizing and refreshing properties, which will leave the skin of your face soft and with daily protection.

Benefits of acquiring moisturizing facial creams

- Helps restore dry skin

- Protects the skin from free radicals

- Prevents the appearance of the first wrinkles

- Forms a natural protective barrier

- They retain hydration

- Prevents premature aging of the skin

- Adapts to different skin types

- Protects you from the sun

- Balance your skin

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