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Whether we regularly use make-up products or if we have an item among our essentials, the internet is the most complete supplier, since it offers you infinite possibilities. The big make-up brands, such as Essence make-up, usually present all the novelties through this showcase that reaches so many customers. In addition, we can know in detail information and aspect of each product without the need to have it physically.

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Make up step by step

It is not necessary to go to a professional makeup artist to get the most out of our articles. Taking a look around the net we found a lot of tips on how to use each of the makeup brushes and the correct steps that we must follow to boast an expert finish but done by ourselves.

Eye makeup is one of the central points that we always want to highlight to achieve the dream look. Whether or not we have the qualities to do so, we can all transform ourselves and show all the beauty that our face hides.

Makeup tips

Make up like a true professional, making the result simply spectacular, and also with products of all prices, it only requires an internet connection and access to YouTube. Some of the youtubers with the most followers make true works of art, capable of leaving us speechless, or well-known models and television presenters, who share their little makeup tricks for the day, a natural makeup that hides imperfections and does not show. notice nothing.

Your wedding day is, without a doubt, one of the most special, and your appearance will be the one that will receive the most attention, so, to achieve a bridal makeup to match, there is nothing better than taking a look at all tips.

The corrector. We always tend to use it more, and from an age, using it wrong means putting years on ourselves. Take into account two factors, that the texture is fluid and that it is a shade lighter than your skin. Use it on the inner half of the dark circles (i.e. from the center of the lower lid area towards the inner corner) to cover the darkest part. The foolproof trick? Do not pass. Any ornate makeup is synonymous with older.

Makeup base. Remember: you always have to choose a tone that is identical to that of our skin. However, if you find yourself in the dilemma of choosing a slightly lighter or slightly darker base, always choose the first option. Since with the help of bronzing powder and blush, you can raise the tone. On the other hand, you can always choose one that contains anti-aging active ingredients. A little extra help never hurts!

The mask. Be careful, because to make up your eyelashes you only need to know one thing: the more curled, the more youthful the appearance of your eyes will be. Choose a mascara that provides an extra curve.

Eye shadows. Go forgetting the intense and dark tones. From an age, it is better to opt for other colors such as greyish, pink, beige and nudes.

The blush. It is the greatest ally to look younger, because a good blush on the cheeks is always synonymous with youth. Of course, be careful where you apply it.

The lipsticks. With age the lips become thinner and thinner, it is inevitable. For this reason, a good option to increase its volume is to opt for volumizing lipsticks that provide extra hydration.

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