Scrub and Toner

Scrubs for the face, the allies to show off a radiant face

The facial scrubs that you will find here and that we will be adding will help you show off a radiant face, keeping it clean, healthy and oxygenated. Why? Because they are soft and natural products that clean the skin in depth, without damaging it, eliminating dead cells. They contain microparticles that leave the skin soft and clean. Skin cells are renewed and once they die, they accumulate in the pores causing excess oil that affects skin health, promoting dehydration and premature aging. Exfoliation is used to perform a very deep cleansing of the skin, stimulating regeneration and blood circulation, achieving a smoother, more flexible and renewed skin.

What do we get by exfoliating the skin?

The main function of exfoliating is to remove dead skin cells and thus make it look smooth again and much fresher and cleaner.

The benefits of facial exfoliation

Imperfections such as blemishes, acne marks and even fine lines are reduced.

Another benefit is that it prepares your skin for any treatment, be it a mask, facial cream or serum, they will be much more effective thanks to the fact that the active ingredients will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin. Also in the case of oily skin, its regular use is very beneficial to remove dirt from the pores.

How should a facial scrub be used?

The most effective way to apply a scrub is to do it in circular motions starting from the center of the face such as the nose, forehead or chin, moving outwards. The pressure that we exert must also be adequate, in the case of thicker and more resistant skins, a medium pressure can be exerted, but in the case of delicate, thin skins, it is better to do it gently without delving too deeply or insisting too much on the same zone.

To keep the skin always clean and free of impurities, it is recommended to perform an exfoliation on a regular basis, although this will depend on the type of skin and its needs. Oily, combination and normal skin can do the exfoliation once or twice a week, dry, fine or sensitive skin is better between ten to fifteen days.

Something that we must take into account is not to make the mistake, avoid overexfoliation, with this the only thing that we will achieve is to alter the balance of the skin and it will feel attacked and we can end up suffering from dryness, dermatitis or acne.

What is the facial toner for?

In any routine to take care of the face, a facial toner plays a fundamental role, being an indispensable product that cannot be missed on our trip, and that we should use daily. Many people focus on cleansing and hydrating the face, but they do not give importance to toning, which offers multiple benefits, key to showing off a bright face. Using a facial toner daily offers you many more advantages than you can imagine, it will allow you to revitalize the skin, close the pores and rebalance the pH, making the skin become like a sponge absorbing the rest of the cosmetics that are applied subsequently. If you don't have yours yet, buying a facial toner will be a sure bet, which will help you pamper your skin and allow you to effortlessly flawless.

Benefits of using a facial toner

- The toner helps to refresh, hydrate, tighten pores, balance the skin, and prepare it for further treatment.

- It normalizes the skin that has been subjected to cleansing, restoring the pH.

- Increases blood flow to the area where we have applied it.

- Revitalizes and rejuvenates tissues.

- Prevent acne

The trick to apply a facial toner well

It should always be applied after cleansing and before any facial treatment. Twice a day and always on clean skin, with a cotton pad or directly with the hands, with gentle touches. Important: "What you should never do is use a tissue because it would quickly absorb the product and it would also come apart when rubbed against the face, thus losing its effectiveness."

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