Facial masks

Facial mask for the face

The years, some environmental factors and stress, affect the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. To combat aesthetic imperfections of the facial skin, we have cosmetic products such as facial masks.

In order to nourish and detoxify your skin, your face will look more rejuvenated. In our online store we have for sale a wide variety of fabulous masks, with which you can significantly reduce expression lines and wrinkles.

These facial products have been made with the best ingredients, so that you get an ideal quality treatment. Using the facial masks that we have for sale, you will begin to notice the difference. Facial masks will reduce blemishes, wrinkles and the look of tiredness on your face.

How to choose a face mask?

Discover what benefits facial masks have and take care of your skin with the most effective ones and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation at home.

Looking for an acne, blackhead or rejuvenating mask? In our online store you will find the face mask that best suit your needs. Just choose the one that is according to your skin type.

How do you use a face mask?

Face masks often have different uses, therefore it is advisable to follow the instructions of the product. In general, it is recommended to apply a facial mask once or twice a week on perfectly cleansed skin.

You are in a good place to find the best facial mask. We have an excellent range of facial masks from the best brands, here you will find the one you are looking for for your skin type and your needs.

The different types of face masks

The use of masks for facial treatment

Peel off mask

Peel off masks are made with a wide variety of ingredients, which in addition to fulfilling their main function, which is to (pluck) dead skin and blackheads, can also provide a solution for any other need, give a healthy shine, smoothness, and absorption. fat, and more. They can be used for all skin types, most ideal for combination to oily skin. Gel texture that facilitates its application and provides a feeling of freshness to the face.

Night mask or sleeping mask

Our skin regenerates at night. The cosmetics that we use before going to sleep have to have a special power and that is that the skin is much more receptive to its active ingredients. They are the perfect option to repair, hydrate and care for the skin due to the volume of assets with which we can treat the skin.

Wash off masks

Wash off masks are the masks that must be removed or rinsed off the face once the recommended time for use has passed. The most common are clay or activated charcoal masks, but there are also soothing or mild acid exfoliating ingredients.

Find the one that best suits you in our store and give yourself a moment of relaxation! Eliminate those imperfections from your face in an easy and effective way, using a facial mask.

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