The secret of beauty facial Essences

The important thing is not to confuse the essence with the tonic. The essences help the effects of the treatment you apply to increase thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients they contain. It is applied after the toner and before the serum. In this step used by the Koreans, they do not use any type of cotton, the fingertips are enough to gently apply any of the essences you have chosen and apply it on the face and neck. 

As soon as you incorporate this step into your beauty routine, you will notice that your skin is more hydrated and smooth. Its benefits are multiple - they improve firmness, provide luminosity, favor elasticity - and it will not be difficult for you to find it here, available in our online store.

Perfect skin is not just a thing of the past

Stopping the effect of the passing of the years on our skin is quite a challenge. When we pass 30, the production of collagen and elastin decreases and cell regeneration decreases, causing the skin to lose density and elasticity. At this time is when we begin to perceive changes in the texture of the skin and its appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, genetics only account for 20% of signs of aging. The remaining 80% is caused by environmental factors and lifestyle, such as sun exposure - "the first cause of premature aging" - dehydration, poor diet, smoking, not resting well and, of course, stress. But there is also good news: getting smooth and glowing skin is in our hands. The key? Make a few small changes in your lifestyle and incorporate an effective anti-aging beauty routine integrating the facial essence.

How to use a facial essence?

After thoroughly cleansing your face and before moisturizing cream, apply a few drops to the palms of your hands and gently press onto forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. To help the essence penetrate deeper and stimulate blood circulation, you can gently dab the skin with your fingertips. Finally, make a series of undulating movements (similar to the waves of the sea), from the center to the sides.

We help you choose your essence

One of the most important aspects of achieving healthy skin is hydration and with an essence, you give your skin another boost of hydrationMany essences have potential antioxidants and minerals that take care of your skin. You can use an essence in the morning and at night. With an essence you will be able to provide a base for the cleaning and makeup of your face.

We are here to help you if you are looking for an anti-aging essence, our recommendation is Benton's Fermentation essence or Purito's Galacto niacin power essence. Repairing to remove scars or acne marks Advance snail 96 mucin power essence. Or if you are looking to improve the appearance of the skin and balance the pH, we recommend Fermented complex 94 boosting essence.

What is achieved with a facial essence?

- They prepare the skin and enhance the effect of the following treatments.

- Deep hydration

- Brightness

- Cell renewal.

- Firmness.

- Elasticity.

- Contain antioxidants.

Have you convinced yourself of its importance? Now you just have to get started. And for this, nothing better than the facial essences that you will find available here at Gina.

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