Eye cream

Eye Contour Creams

We know that the eye contour is a basic in your routine. Choose yours depending on your skin type or problems: bags, dark circles, pigmentation or lack of hydration. For the daily care of the area, we offer you products with excellent textures and formats that improve your look in an instant. Whatever your skin type, you are sure to find the contour you want at Gina cosmetics.

If what you are looking for is to illuminate, hydrate or prevent wrinkles, Gina has good eye contour products for all skin types. As you already know, in this part of the face, the skin can be up to five times thinner. It is important to pamper the delicate skin around the eyes.

Eye contour recommended from a certain age

Knowing which eye contour is the right one is not easy, but there are little things we can pay attention to, including age or your skin type. Wrinkles and expression lines? A super moisturizing cream offers high-end care thanks to the combination of essential and vegetable oils.

How to apply the eye contour?

Apply the product directly to the fingertip in an amount the size of a grain of rice. Next, apply the product to the area around the eyes.

The next thing is to massage the product. The massage has to be soft and delicate, always from the inside to the outside. From the edge of the nose to the area of the wrinkles on the outside of the eyes called "expression wrinkles".

Finish the application with light touches until the product has been completely absorbed.

Anti-wrinkle eye cream

It is perfect for removing deeper wrinkles, combating those known as crow's feet and also expression lines. This type of eye cream encourages the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Anti-dark circle effect eye contour

An eye contour for dark circles and bags is always effective as part of your daily routine. Find a moment of relaxation with one of them and rejuvenate your eyes with an eye cream from the Gina Cosmetics online store.

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