Combination skin

Combination skin the most common skin type among the population

The complication frequently arises because combination skin can be confused with oily skin. It is not surprising, since in both an excess of sebum is produced, the fat that the skin itself produces to protect itself. In the case of mixed skin, the shine is usually located in the T zone -forehead, nose and chin- but they are combined with areas that are completely dry, such as the cheeks or the eye contour and lips.

The most common mistake in combination skin care

It can be summed up very quickly in one word: imbalance. Those who focus on treating the dryness of certain areas of the skin use oily creams that usually end up generating acne problems. They prioritize the treatment of shine and imperfections with specific products for it, or they mistakenly believe that these areas do not need hydration.

The advice to avoid falling into this common imbalance is to bet on multitasking, one of the latest trends in beauty treatments and which consists of the use of a combination of several creams or cosmetic products in the same application; Efficiency is achieved in that each specific area of ​​the face is treated according to its needs.

Thus, we will use products that are especially moisturizing and against dryness around the eyes, lips and cheeks, while we will bet on creams that are also moisturizing but free of oils or purifying for the areas of the forehead, nose and chin. We could even add a third specific option to bring vitality to the face or to fill in expression lines.

What products are recommended to use if we have combination skin?

Emulsions or moisturizing lotions and light cosmetics is the most successful, making sure that in these the percentage of water predominates over oil.

Choose oil-free options that are gentle and non-aggressive for the skin. Bet on light cleaning solutions, with moisturizing and detoxifying active ingredients that regulate sebum, eliminate impurities and treat possible pimples but without drying out the skin of the cheeks and eyes.

A good choice of sunscreen is also important. Although it is recommended to use this type of product on a daily basis, it is as long as you opt for fluid formulas.

Exfoliating the skin weekly is also necessary, because in this way we eliminate dead cells and the barrier that can form preventing the active ingredients of the products we apply from penetrating.

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