Normal skin

Normal skin needs care too

Normal skin is not the type of skin that does not need to be cared for, quite the opposite. To treat them properly, it is necessary to know their characteristics well and use products formulated for them to follow a daily skin care routine.

It is true that normal skin is balanced skin. Sebaceous secretions are normal, it is flexible and resistant. It is fine, the pores are hardly visible, it has a soft and velvety touch. But that doesn't mean you have to stop taking care of it. A Normal skin needs as much care as dry skin or oily skin, it's just that the care will be different.


Moisturizing products are the basis of skin care, along with hygiene and photoprotection. Among normal skin care, we recommend you take into account:

- Daily care so you can stay healthy.

- Achieve a balanced proportion of water and sebum that leads to flexible, smooth and hydrated skin.

- We recommend cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin both in the morning and at night.

Skin Cleansing:

Skin hygiene is essential to maintain skin health for all skin types.

Tone the skin:

Toners help you complete the cleaning job due to their watery character with a refreshing effect.

Hydrate day and night:

Moisturizing creams act by providing the skin with the amount of water that the cells need to carry out their metabolic functions. Nourishing creams are those that provide the skin with nutrients that may have been lost due to the effect of age or aging and help restore the function of the skin barrier. Moisturizing facial creams with vitamin E and sun protection protect normal skin from environmental agents and prevent premature aging.

The best way to keep skin healthy and protected is to follow these daily steps consistently and make a careful choice of products that take into account the needs of our skin.

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