Dehydrated skin

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Our Olimed lip balm offers intense protection to dry and chapped lips due to the action of cold, sun or extreme environmental conditions.

What is it to have dehydrated skin?

It is a temporary state of the skin and you can be affected whether you have dry or oily skin, are you sure? Well, yes, you can have oily and dehydrated skin.

Any type of skin can be dehydrated in a transitory moment due to external factors such as the weather, the application of aggressive cosmetics, certain medications, stress, long exposure to the sun. What causes a lack of water in the body, this is what causes the skin to be dehydrated.

It is very important to take into account the hydration of your skin and to know what products can help you increase the level of water you need, in order to achieve a very healthy skin with shine and elasticity.

Symptoms of dehydrated skin

The main signs of dehydrated skin are usually manifested as dullness, itchy skin, tightness and flaking.

Dehydrated skin and dry skin are not the same. The main difference is that dry skin is a type of skin that has certain common characteristics, and that it is determined by genetics and other factors that cannot be changed. If you have dry skin, you simply have to adapt your daily routine to this type of skin, which may need more intense hydration.

How to moisturize dehydrated facial skin?

One of the main recommendations to treat dehydrated skin and restore its necessary water levels is to increase fluid intake and add water-rich foods to our diet.

Another aspect to take into account to moisturize dehydrated skin is to maintain a correct cleaning routine. In the case of dehydrated skin, the use of products with a high astringent power is not recommended as they can dry out the skin even more.

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