Present on all of our skin—except on the palms and soles of the hands and feet. Before treating them, we must understand what is behind each pore. (This is the exit of the hair follicle to the outside. The fat gland empties into the channel of the hair follicles and exits through the pore to the skin). They are holes that have a function so we cannot close them, although we can hide their presence.

Facial routine for pores

If we clean the follicular canal and the orifice, it will be less noticeable. That is why it is important to follow a facial cleansing routine at home. We recommend washing your face morning and night using at least one soapy product. In addition, weekly exfoliation can help regulate sebum and cleanse the pore.

The Yadah range of masks, or the By wishtrend and Benton mask are five cleansing masks with which you can do your own cleansing session at home. Each one contains an extract with specific properties for the pores.

Moisturize the pores

The open pores common in mixed or oily skin become more visible in areas where the activity of the sebaceous gland is greater. But don't let this excess sebum confuse you, your skin needs as much hydration as dry skin. What formulas should we look for? , retinol or salicylic acid BHA are interesting ingredients to make the pore less visible.

In short, we cannot close the open pores but we can make them less noticeable. Put these tips into practice and accompany them in your routine.

Here we offer many products to clean pores. Whether you need the perfect cleanser or face mask, scrub, essence or serum; look no further because our korean skincare collection has it all.

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