Peel-off mask

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Mask that removes toxins and external substances from the skin that generate pores and moisturizes it.

What is a peel-off mask?

The peel-off mask is a facial mask that dries forming a kind of second skin, it must be removed by carefully unfolding it along the face from the bottom up, until it is removed. Peels off smoothly completely and easily. For this reason they are also called exfoliating facial masks.

In recent years, they have managed to become a trend in skin care, and they work by adhering to the top layer of the skin, so that when we let it work long enough and remove it, it is possible to see all the oil and the dirt that we have managed to remove with it.

Correctly apply a peel-off mask

Cleanse and exfoliate the skin

The ideal is to have the face prepared for the application of the mask and that means having it thoroughly clean. For this, we will use a cleaner and then plenty of water.

Finally, for a deep cleaning, we use an exfoliant that will leave our face completely prepared for the mask to penetrate and benefit from all its nutrients. Then follow the product instructions.

With these simple steps you will be able to fully enjoy a luminous and smooth face!

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