Wash-off mask

What are wash-off masks?

They are face masks that are designed to be removed from the skin by rinsing with warm water. The term "Wash" can imply the use of a cleanser to remove the mask, in reality it is that you should only remove these masks with water and nothing else.

How to use a wash-off mask?

Apply a wash-off after a double cleaning. Each mask has a different exposure time. Some are removed in five minutes and others are meant to sleep with you. To be sure of the adequate time, it is better to let the mask absorb, look carefully at the instructions of each product. When the exposure time has elapsed, rinse with warm water.

Wash-off masks

Buy a wash-off mask according to your skin type or concern. Currently you will find different types of wash-off masks on the market. In general, its function is the same for all, to cleanse the skin in depth.

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