The ingredients of our cosmetics

You probably already know that different ingredients in cosmetic formulas have their own functions and address different skin types and concerns. Here you will find all the most popular and effective ingredients of Korean cosmetics.

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Are you looking for specific ingredients for your skin care? Shop at Gina cosmetics. We have the favorite cosmetic ingredients for you.

Gotu Kola

Calming and healing. In addition, it improves the metabolism of skin cells.

Snail mucin

Stimulates collagen formation and minimizes premature skin aging


Antioxidant properties, in addition to providing luminosity and clarity to the skin.

The natural ingredients that make up Korean cosmetic products are one of the great secrets of their effectiveness. Thanks to its natural and unique ingredients, it helps us achieve effective results that are often not found in other skin care products.

We have created this category to make it much easier for you to find your favorite natural ingredients.

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