Aloe vera

Aloe Vera ingredient

The scientific name is "Aloe Barbandensis" and it differs from other types due to its high gel production, a real treasure for cosmetics.

Among the active components are vitamins, amino acids, minerals -such as calcium, copper, selenium or zinc, among others-, fatty acids, enzymes and polysaccharides, all contained in this gel composed of 99% water.

Aloe Vera Uses

Aloe vera is a widely used ingredient for its wonderful characteristics. But it can also be used in other ways, the most common is topical, applied directly to the skin or as an ingredient in many cosmetic products.

- It is a powerful healing and regenerating agent: the enzyme lignin penetrates the skin more than water, so it is especially useful for regenerating tissues and, therefore, helps to heal more quickly.

- A widely used weapon against acne: it has astringent properties, aloe vera is very useful for removing dirt and oil accumulated in the pores. Its antibacterial and antibiotic properties make it especially recommended for acne-prone skin.

- Accelerates skin regeneration: it is used as a "soothing" after shaving, hair removal or continued sun exposure. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it produces a pleasant sensation of relief on the skin.

- It is useful to treat problems such as stretch marks: due to its repairing properties of skin tissues, aloe vera helps restore collagen, for example, when stretch marks appear.

- It is used for the treatment of herpes, since it relieves the affected areas, reducing pain and avoiding infections.

Skin care with aloe vera

In our Korean cosmetics store you will find several products with different percentages of aloe vera. Each unique product has its own texture, formula and aims to treat the skin.

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