Centella asiatica

What is centella asiatica?

Gotu Kola is extracted from the Gotu Kola plant that grows in Central Asia, parts of Africa, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. It is one of the main ingredients in Korean cosmetics. Over time it is also becoming a widely used cosmetic active throughout the world thanks to its excellent properties.

What benefits does centella asiatica have for the skin?

1 - Healing: its content in triterpene derivatives stimulate the formation of fibroblasts, cells that repair tissues damaged by wounds.

2 - Anti-wrinkle: renews tissues and helps treat fine lines and wrinkles.

3 - Moisturizing: helps maintain skin moisture, so it is ideal for dry skin.

4 - Antioxidant: protects cells from the action of free radicals, delaying skin aging.

5 - Promotes the production of collagen, essential for maintaining the youth of the skin and its firmness.

6 - Soothing: ideal for sensitive skin or skin with redness and irritation.

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