Safe and honest ingredients. The Purito brand creates products that respect and care for our skin.

Where to buy Purito cosmetics in Europe?

Welcome to the number one store in Spain where you can buy the best products from the Korean brand Purito. GINA Cosmetics are the pioneers and authorized official distributors responsible in Spain for the Korean brand Purito. Here you will find the best products of the brand directly imported from its warehouse in South Korea Namdong-gu district of Incheon.

PURITO is a Korean brand that includes natural ingredients that are safe EWG Green, free of toxins and chemicals. Instead of resorting to harmful chemicals, PURITO relies on nature. They believe in the transparency of the natural ingredients that work on the skin, that's why their list of ingredients is always very clear. They use eco-friendly packaging, they are not tested on animals, they make skincare affordable for everyone to use. All its products are ideal for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Its natural and skin friendly approach protects, strengthens and beautifies the skin! Just as a healthy root produces a healthy tree, health is the root of radiant skin. The short-term results are exciting and with PURITO you will enjoy healthy and lasting skin.


The PURITO brand name comes from the combination of the English word "purify" and the Korean word "to" (earth). The name symbolizes the force that drives PURITO to use only natural, EWG certified ingredients that are gentle and safe. The Korean brand prides itself on offering eco-friendly, vegan, hypoallergenic and 100% cruelty-free formulations at affordable prices. PURITO packages its products with recyclable and environmentally friendly paper. Their packagings feature PURITOON illustrations, characteristic of the brand and detailed advice on how to make the most of the benefits of the product.

The ingredients of PURITO

True to the name, it only uses high-quality natural ingredients. The brand has excluded ingredients with harmful effects on the environment and the skin, such as parabens, ethanol, mineral oils, silicone, petroleum, sulfate, oxybenzone, among others. They offer a wide range of products that steal prominence in the cosmetic industry, such as gotu kola extract, galactomyces ferment filtrate and snail mucin extract. The beloved Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence is enriched with 92% galactomyces ferment filtrate, a by-product of fermented sake rich in vitamins, minerals and organic acids. The essence brightens dullness and uneven skin tones, controls sebum production, and soothes acne-prone skin. And Fermented complex 94 boosting with 94% fermentation and 3% niacinamide, balances the tone and brightens.

Centella Green Level Line by Purito

They incorporate in the vast majority of their products gotu kola, a favorite ingredient in Korean beauty. Also known as cica, this plant offers a variety of benefits for the skin, from improving the water-sebum level of the complexion to increasing elasticity and soothing irritated areas. Particularly beneficial ingredient for acne prone skin, accelerates the healing process and prevents post-acne scars.

A favorite in the beauty and cosmetic industry

They have built a loyal fan base through their steadfast commitment to creating products with skin-friendly ingredients. They constantly renew their formulations to offer facial solutions for all skin types, while ensuring that their products have the least possible impact on the environment. The brand's products are gentle, safe and suitable for everyone, even pregnant women.

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