This brand cares about the health of your skin and our planet. They create products from the best and safest natural ingredients.

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Mask that removes toxins and external substances from the skin that generate pores and moisturizes it.

Yadah was established in 2009 and takes its name from the Hebrew word "wisdom". The entire range of this brand is hypoallergenic and soft, it is formulated without artificial colors, preservatives or chemical products. Yadah is a brand that shines in what it does, affordable and very effective. From skin care such as masks and cleansers to makeup and lipsticks!

Words from the founder of Yadah Anna Kang

Twenty years ago, I was on a mission to find healthy and effective products that I felt safe applying to my children's skin. -And that's how I ended up starting Yadah. With the help of my amazing team and researchers, we have grown to become an international brand, yet we still make sure to put the same love and care in our products. With every sunset and every dandelion that cuts through the concrete of the city, I remember and feel inspired by the beauty and power of nature. On weekends, I usually leave the bustling city to go to our family's farm, where we grow our own fruits and vegetables. I love all the gifts of nature and I believe that we need to protect our planet. With this in mind, I have created skincare products that are good for both you and the planet. My hope is to bring the best of nature to Yadah and make your skin look bright and healthy so that you can look like your best self as you face the adventures and challenges of the world.

Yadah's products for your skin.

Life presents many challenges for both us and our skin due to inclement weather, stress and pollution. Yadah wants to be the brand to help you with all of that. Therefore, we believe that beauty products should be made from natural and reliable ingredients that are effective and kind to your skin, but also kind to nature. They strive to use only the best botanicals ingredients out there making sure your skin doesn't get any adverse reactions that some chemicals may cause. Yadah only uses organic ingredients with an ECO CERT certificate, so you can use your skin care products safely

Cares about the essential

Yadah wants the best for you and for our planet. Therefore, he does not invest in excessive advertising or unnecessary products. They don't want to be part of the fast beauty culture that promotes binge drinking. Instead, they create fewer but more effective vegan products with sustainable packaging. With this in mind, every product you produce is developed with genuine care and love.every day.

At Naturals by Gina we believe in the power of nature with Yadah

Yadah products are packed with powerful natural ingredients. Our goal is to help your skin stay healthy, but also to provide effective solutions to your problems. We have investigated various roots, flowers, and fruits to find ingredients that are good for the skin. In this way we can improve your skin and also reduce the impact on the planet.

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