Makeup is fun and a way to express yourself. Forget perfection and dare


The Essence brand allows you to get great products that inspire you to express yourself with style, confidence and fun.

The German low cost cosmetics brand that was born with the aim of making makeup an expression tool that enhances the features of the person who wears them. It is a cruelty free brand, 100% vegan and without harmful ingredients that pursues a balance between ethics.

The best? That no matter where you are, if you are taking your first steps in the world of makeup, if you follow all the trends or if you already have your own more than defined style.

Essence says "NO" to animal testing and "YES" to quality with low cost prices so you can try a fabulous new look whenever you want.

With a complete range of successful beauty products and the most fashionable colors of the season, you will be radiant and your skin will notice it too! ¡

Express yourself with Essence and GINA Cosmetics!

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