A brand with friendly ingredients that help solve specific skin problems.

COSRX sets itself apart from other Korean skincare brands with its minimalist packaging and science-based approach to skincare. With more than 10 years of experience and dedicated research, they have deep insights into the underlying causes of skin problems and know how to develop their products most effectively. COSRX approaches skin care with an ideology dedicating to creating products with high concentrations of active ingredients, friendly ingredients to soothe and protect the skin.


Founded in 2013, the Korean brand Cosrx is recognized for its innovative skincare line. From cushions foundations to tonics, develop solutions to treat facial problems. Its ingredients are gentle but effective, offering a Korean care routine suitable for all skin types. Current Korean ingredients like snail mucin, gotu kola, and world-renowned AHA BHA scrubs are featured in Cosrx products. The range of hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested products meet the skin's daily needs, including anti-aging and anti-acne treatments. With minimalist packaging and sophisticated formulas, its tonics, acne patches and creams are among the best products of the brand. Their most sought after products include acne patches, toner, and cleanser. Cosrx's mission is: "to use friendly ingredients that soothe irritated skin and offer a better tomorrow to its customers"

Cosrx Low pH Cleaner

He has created four facial cleansers to treat dry, normal, sensitive and oily skin. These include the best-selling Good Morning Low pH Cleansing Gel made with tea tree oil and BHA to absorb excess sebum and take care of the appearance of pores. The objective of this facial cleanser is not only to offer a solution to pore and texture problems, it is also gentle to treat dry skin without altering hydration levels.

AHA BHA Cosrx Toner

Cosrx AHA / BHA Toner is formulated with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and thermal water to remove dead cells for radiant skin. In an easy-to-use spray and from 11 ingredients, this toner eliminates pimples and blackheads for a clearer and brighter face. Why choose an AHA toner or a BHA toner when Cosrx offers us a perfect match between the two?

Cosrx snail mucin

One of the most famous ingredients in K-Beauty, the mucin found in the formulation of essences, creams or sunscreens. Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power brings out all the qualities and healing properties of snail mucin. Apply the essence after cleansing to obtain glowing and repaired skin.

Balance for all skin types, from dry, irritated to oily and prone to acne.
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